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 Think Kink

ORIGINAL SINS LEATHER is hand making some of the finest leather goods on the market. In 2019 became another Brand owned and operated by John Wright who in the past 34 years we has become a successful manufacturer of many leather goods and different types of leather accessories. We currently produce leather products of the highest quality for some of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the industry. Our staff have been expertly trained to hand make some of the finest quality leather products in the world. We stand by our work and have a reputation for selling high quality products at affordable prices.  


Think kink Origina Sin Leather

If We say it's leather then you better believe it's made from 100% genuine leather. Many competitors make false claims of being real leather and selling at costs that prove it's not leather. We specialize in all leather goods and will never sell you a fake leather product and claim that We didn't know. Our highly trained staff work to bring you the quality you know and expect! 

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